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What's involved in buying or selling a house? Is sale price important? Is square footage important? Size of the kitchen? Cost of upkeep? Size of the backyard? Of course! You need a professional to help you with those issues; someone with the training, expertise, and network to make sure those bases are covered.But are those things enough - or is there more? What's the town like? What are the schools like? What's the neighborhood like? Most important, what's it feel like to live somewhere? What you need is more than an agent - you need a friend. A friend with experience in the area - someone with your interest at heart, not just now, but for the long term. And maybe a neighbor - someone who lives in the area, has dealt with the issues you'll deal with, and will be there for you to confide in, and rely on, now - and in the future. Jessica Gratzl is that kind of agent; that kind of neighbor; that kind of friend.

Contact Jessica at (314) 922-8067