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Originally from New York, I grew up in the Daytona Beach, Gainesville and Ocala areas of north central Florida (yes, I’m a Florida Gator).  I’ve held a Florida Real Estate Broker’s License for almost 29 years, and have always had a keen interest in real estate and the concept of land ownership.  I developed a thirty four year career in the field of right-of-way acquisition, as a senior right-of-way agent and eventually, project manager.  During this time I gained extensive knowledge of all aspects of real estate, and became skilled at negotiating for easements, rights-of-way, leases, licenses and other real property rights.  The best part of the job was meeting so many great people and working to arrive at an agreement that was mutually beneficial.  I learned to appreciate and respect just how much real property ownership means to the owner.  Now I want to work here at home, where I can pursue my passion, by helping my clients find the perfect properties for them


Roger Dice